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Your massage on holiday at the Jesacherhof

Tailor-made pampering treatments

Treat yourself to a massage on holiday! The gentle strokes are good for the mind, body and soul and leave you with a permanent feel-good factor. Select from our range of health and relaxing massages!

Unique massages

Aromatherapy massage

Relaxing full body massage

Essential oils made from flowers, fruits, leaves and roots are gently massaged into the skin with a base oil during this aromatherapy massage.

The active ingredients satisfy the requirements of the body, organs and skin and the aromas will lull you into a fragrant world of relaxation.

Duration: 55 minutes EUR 65.00

Alpine massage rituals from the Tyrolean mountains

Herbal stamp massage

East Tyrolean herbal magic

Your back is massaged with warm vaporised herbal stamps totally according to your personal needs. The active ingredients are gently released from the stamps by the vapour allowing them to be effectively absorbed through the skin.

The herbs are healthy and stimulate circulation so that this massage has a detoxifying and cleansing effect. They have their full aroma as they are harvested before blossoming. Feel yourself how your metabolism is boosted and deep relaxation and regeneration set in.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 45.00

Massage rituals from all over the world

La Stone

Deep relaxation through the power of stones

Both warm basalt stone (from lava) and cool marble are used with the La Stone treatments. Your muscles are loosened and tension is relieved. The body's circulation and heat balance are stimulated during this massage and the lymph flow is boosted.

All the energy centres are stimulated which leads to deep relaxation. Enjoy the fascinating combination of energy work and massage as well as the intensive effect of warm basalt and cool marble on your skin.

Duration: 75 minutes EUR 109.00 (full body massage)
Duration: 30 minutes EUR 55.00 (back massage)

Lomi Lomi Nui

Hawaiian temple massage

Lomi Lomi Nui means translated "traditional Hawaiian massage". However, in Hawaii it is not just the body that is worked on during this treatment but also the soul. This type of massage, where the body is worked on using strong kneading, has also established itself here.

Our professional masseurs will balance your mind, body and soul with this treatment. First of all warm essential oils are rubbed into you. The fragrance and feeling of the warm oil on the skin already allows your soul to shake off any burdens. Then stress, fears and stubborn tension is massaged away using determined but also sensitive pressure. A feeling of total relaxation and freedom spreads during this massage on holiday.

  • Relieves physical and emotional problems
  • Supports processes of change
  • Helps to solve problems
  • Boosts self-healing powers
  • Harmonising and deeply relaxing
Duration: 80 minutes EUR 109.00


Healthy in harmony with nature

Ayurveda, the science of a long and healthy life, originates from India's Vedic civilisation and is considered to be one of the oldest and most comprehensive health systems in the world.

It is based on the timeless knowledge of inner balance, which is the basis for long-lasting health, happiness and natural beauty.
Toxins and waste that accumulate in the body and weaken the entire body are called Ama in Ayurveda. The consequences are a feeling of physical and psychological heaviness, constant tiredness, digestion problems, bloating, coating on the tongue, bad breath and body odour.

Tips for you

Before: To prepare your skin ideally for an Ayurvedic oil massage, we recommend having a refining full body peeling be-forehand. Your pores are opened and the skin can absorb the moisturising sesame oil better. 

After: Detoxify with a sauna after the massage. The heat intensifies the detoxification and purification. A feeling like being reborn!


Ayurvedic full body massage

The gentle massage harmonises the mind, body and soul. As an oil massage it has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the skin and tissue. It activates the lymph flow to remove waste in the tissue. Your immune system is permanently boosted and self-healing powers are activated. Feel for yourself how your whole body gains energy and strength during this massage.

Your body is pampered and massaged with warm, purifying sesame oil. A sweat treatment is recommended to intensify the cleansing and detoxifying effect of the Abhyanga.

Duration: 80 minutes EUR 109.00


Ayurvedic massage using a raw silk glove

The Garshan massage is carried out like an oil massage but with the addition of a raw silk glove which gently stimulates the connective tissue and boosts the circulation. As a result, waste is removed quicker and easier.

Dead skin is removed thoroughly and gently thanks to the gentle peeling effect. It also helps to prevent and reduce cellulite. The tissue is better circulated and the lymph system is stimulated using strong massage strokes. Enjoy the result of velvety soft, smooth skin.

Duration: 30 minutes EUR 50.00


Ayurvedic foot massage

Effective grips and strokes with warm oil over the feet, calves and knees, taking the marma points (energy points) and reflexology zones into account, promote the intensive relaxation and regeneration of the whole body.

Your self-healing powers are stimulated during this massage on holiday and problems such as insomnia, nervousness, exhaustion and poor circulation are tackled.

Duration: 40 minutes EUR 55.00

Abhyanga - Duration: 80 minutes EUR 109.00
Garshan - Duration: 30 minutes EUR 50.00
Padabhyanga - Duration: 40 minutes EUR 55.00

Classic massages

Half-body massage

Be it the neck, head, back or legs, this massage totally meets your personal needs.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 40.00

Full body massage

This classic form of massage on your holiday is based totally on your wishes – relaxing or invigorating.

Duration: 50 minutes EUR 65.00

Combi massage

An ideal combination of loosening back massage and invigorating reflexology massage.

Duration: 50 minutes EUR 65.00

Sports massage

This vigorous massage technique relieves tension after sports or can also be to prepare for sporting activities.

Duration: 50 minutes EUR 65.00

Reflexology massage

The reflexology points on the foot relate to all the organs and the human vegetative nerve system. This massage on holiday regulates body functions and leads to improved wellbeing.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 40.00
Including relaxing foot bath and peeling Duration: 50 minutes EUR 57.00

Massage for kids

During this massage children's muscles (aged up to 12) are very gently loosened up and pampered using fragrant coconut oil.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00

Lymph drainage

Detoxifying and draining
Circular pushing techniques are applied with slight pressure. This pushes fluid out of the tissue into the lymphatic vessel system and improves the transportation of waste out of the body.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 40.00 (face + body – half treatment)
Duration: 50 minutes EUR 67.00 (body – some areas)
Duration: 75 minutes EUR 90.00 (body – some areas)
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