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The pampering programme at the Jesacherhof hotel

A facial treatment at the Jesacherhof ensures a radiant appearance. Our beauty staff ensure your wellbeing and wonderfully soft skin using a great deal of sensitivity.

Maria Galland facial treatment

Maintain the beauty of your skin with the specific analysis of individual zones and treatments that are personally coordi-nated to your needs.

Classic facial treatment

Balancing and relaxing
Your facial skin also craves high quality care. Experience our extensive facial treatment using ampoules with active in-gredients that give your skin the extra portion of care that it needs.
Thorough cleansing, peeling with steam, removal of skin impurities, eyebrow shaping, ampoules with active ingredients, facial massage, cream mask, final moisturising.
Duration: 75 minutes EUR 80.00

Mask – Masque modelant

Deep down effective firming mineral mask
Classic facial treatment combined with the self-warming Masque Modelant (mineral mask). The tried and tested classic treatment from Maria Galland with the mask's thermal effect improves the absorption of the active ingredients applied beforehand.
The result will impress you: your skin feels toned and firm and your complexion glows.
Duration: 90 minutes EUR 95.00

Thalasso Visage

Purifying sea algae mask
Classic Maria Galland facial treatment combined with the Masque Thalasso, the power mask with sea algae.
Extracts from Breton brown algae cells relieve the skin of negative environmental influences and ensure intensive moisture. Micro algae stimulate the circulation and activate the metabolism. The perfect short break for your skin!
Duration: 90 minutes EUR 95.00


Long-lasting lifting effect
With this Maria Galland cosmetic treatment experience an instantly visible, long-lasting lifting effect on your skin. Soin Profilift conjures up rejuvenated, firmer skin with redefined facial contours.
Duration: 80 minutes EUR 95.00

For men only

Soin Homme Galland
For men who know what is good for them! This facial will give an absolute kick of freshness to the male skin, providing you with extra power and a well-groomed appearance. The powerful active component R.T. Arctic protects the skin from stress and negative impacts, it moisturizes intensely and reduces wrinkles. Your skin will feel like new-born – smooth, attractive and well-groomed. Additionally, a pleasant massage will make you forget the trouble of everyday.
Duration: 55 minutes 62.00 Euro


Décolleté mask
Duration: 45 minutes EUR 55.00

Hand mask        
Duration: 30 minutes EUR 45.00

Classic facial treatment - 75 minutes EUR 80.00
Mask – Masque modelant - 90 minutes EUR 95.00
Thalasso Visage - 90 minutes EUR 95.00
Profilift - 80 minutes EUR 95.00
Soin homme galland - 55 minutes 62.00 Euro
Décolleté mask - 45 minutes EUR 55.00

Facial treatment from Pure Altitude

Organic cosmetics

The Pure Altitude care range only uses totally natural active ingredients from the Alps and includes a full care programme for the face and body.

A touch of white frost – alpine express treatment

This alpine facial treatment gives your skin a radiantly beautiful look and fresh complexion in no time at all. After cleansing using a soft mousse mixed with a grain peeling, we pamper you with a short massage. The finish is an ice flower mask that provides a radiant, fresh complexion.
Duration: 45 minutes EUR 49.00

Pure mountain air – Bol d’oxygène facial

This cleansing and revitalising facial treatment is ideal for all skin types. Let yourself be captivated by pure mountain fragrances. After the gentle facial massage, your face, skin and décolleté are clarified using a peeling made from oats and barley. After the deep cleansing, the skin can recover during a calming massage. Cleansing edelweiss and arnica give you a fresh, radiant complexion.
Duration: 80 minutes EUR 89.00

Gentle mountain world – Sève de vie facial

A replenishing and regenerating organic-based facial treatment. The Sève de Vie ("elixir of life complex") with edelweiss, Antarcticine, Maca root and birch sap as well as marigold, daisies and aloe stimulate the regeneration process and restore the skin's natural balance. After cleansing and a peeling using grains, enjoy a soothing and long massage using the Elixir à la Racine de Maca. The active ingredients are absorbed using a peel-off mask made from blueberries and vitamin C. Your hands are massaged while the mask is taking effect. The final facial massage using jade stones is refreshing and toning.
Duration: 80 minutes EUR 89.00

Alpine Anti-Ageing – Liftalpes facial

Anti-ageing from the Alps. The power of pure spring water from Mont Blanc and highly active Alpine extracts counteract the ageing process. After facial cleansing and a peeling using grains, the skin is massaged using the Himalayan elixir. The special lifting mask made from pink clay, edelweiss and honey transports the active ingredients deep down into the skin. Your hands are massaged while the mask is taking effect. The final facial massage using jade stones is refreshing and toning.
Duration: 80 minutes EUR 99.00

Alpine Moments

Ideal for tired and stressed eye areas. Skin is moisturised using a complex of alpine herbs consisting of edelweiss, Buddleja (butterfly bush), Imperatoria (masterwort) and Artemisia (sagewort) and this is absorbed into the skin using a special eye mask. The soothing jade stone massage is relaxing and energising.
Duration: 40 minutes EUR 37.00

Organic cosmetics – 45 min. EUR 49.00
Pure mountain air – 80 min. EUR 89.00
Gentle mountain world – Sève de vie facial – 80 min. EUR 89.00
Alpine Anti-Ageing – Liftalpes facial - 80 min. EUR 99.00
Alpine Moments – 40 min. EUR 37.00

Individual face treatments

Eyebrow shapingEUR 10.00
Eyebrow tintingEUR 10.00
Eyelash tintingEUR 13.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tintingEUR 20.00


Day make-upEUR 25.00
Evening make-upEUR 30.00

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