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Soothing body treatments

In natural balance

A wide range of body treatments to restore your balance. Perfect pampering moments, total harmony, long-lasting wellbeing. With our body treatments you are floating on cloud nine!

Body treatments on the soft pack couch

Feel weightless in our floating water couch. Pure relaxation at approx. 38° C. The long-lasting effect of the wrap promotes your health and is the ideal pre-treatment for your massage.

Moor wrap

Black gold on the soft pack couch

The thick pasty moor wrap works wonderfully on tense muscles and rheumatic complaints. It relieves cramps, is anti-inflammatory, boosts the metabolism, stimulates the circulation and works deep down. This old heat treatment is also highly recommended with gynaecological problems.

Duration: 30 minutes EUR 49.00

Tyrolean mineral naphtha mud wrap

Localised heat
Strained muscles and joints crave heat and relaxation. Treat yourself to this localised heat treatment in the form of com-presses on the soft pack couch and counteract arthritis and tense muscles.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 29.00

East Tyrolean goat's milk bath

Moisturising bath in the soft pack couch

The mixture of high quality oils and goat's milk exquisitely pampers your skin. We particularly recommend body treatments with goat's milk for dry, sensitive skin. Enjoy the floaty feeling of being softly wrapped into our soft-wrap lounger.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 42.00

Evening primrose oil wrap

The power treatment among body treatments – the wrap in the soft pack couch with the finest evening primrose oil is ideal for extremely dry skin. The active ingredients can be ideally absorbed thanks to the pleasant heat and special effect of the adhesive tape. The skin's absorption capacity is significantly increased by the creamy consistence, which ensures the long-lasting storage of active ingredients. Pure luxury!

Duration: 30 minutes EUR 49.00

Silver quartzite cleansing ritual

A world innovation from South Tyrol, a voyage towards yourself, a letting go, a new beginning, a cleansing and activating  of energies on all levels – for body, spirit and soul. This energetic cleansing will motivate you in everything you plan to do.

Thanks to the high percentage of quartz, silver quartzite has been classified as healing earth. During this cleansing cere-mony, your body will be deeply cleansed and tightened, your metabolism will be activated and your ethereal energetic center will be freed from all pressure. The scent of mountain juniper and special primary rock chants will help you get in the mood for the spiritual and physical changes you desire to undertake. You will feel liberated and have an easier access to your inner self, as well as a heightened perception of your surroundings.

Duration: 75 minutes EUR 119.00

Cosmetic treatments

… beautiful from head to toe

Manicureapprox. 50 minutes EUR 40.00
Manicure with nail polishapprox. 60 minutesEUR 46.00
Manicure with peeling and paraffin wrapapprox. 60 minutesEUR 55.00
Pedicureapprox. 50 minutesEUR 45.00
Pedicure with nail polishapprox. 60 minutesEUR 51.00
Pedicure with peeling and paraffin wrapapprox. 75 minutesEUR 55.00

Classic nail polish (Maria Galland)

You can take your favourite nail polish home with you after the treatment.

EUR 6.00

Peeling with paraffin wrap

Liquid paraffin wax sets around your hands like a silk glove and transports the moisturising cream previously applied to your hands perfectly into your hands thanks to the building up of heat, making them soft and supple.

approx. 30 minutes EUR 27.00

Hair removal using hot wax

Full legEUR 45.00
Half legEUR 30.00
UnderarmsEUR 13.00
Bikini zoneEUR 18.00
Upper lip or chin EUR 7.00
Back or chest    EUR 25.00–EUR 35.00
ArmsEUR 30.00

Thalgo – the power of the sea

Thalasso (Greek for sea) uses the power of the see for various body treatments that moisturise your body. With their huge potential of trace elements, vitamins, proteins, minerals and amino acids sea water, sea salt, sea algae and sea mud are not only healthy but also have a positive effect on skin problems and your figure.

We serve a beneficial algae herbal tea with every Thalgo body treatment!

Algae cream peeling

Smoothing peeling massage with mallow

For fresh feeling skin and a refined complexion. The main maritime active ingredient in the peeling, Chondrus crispus, belongs to the family of red algae and is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is extremely moisturising, calming and protective.

Duration: 30 minutes EUR 45.00

Thalasso – 3 steps

Intensively moisturising
We bring the ocean with all its moisturising treasures to East Tyrol for you.

  1. A refining sea salt peeling not only leaves you with baby soft skin but also opens up the pores.
  2. Purifying sea water bath
  3. Algae wrap in the soft pack couch, where the highlight is being wrapped in pleasantly warm algae mud. Afterwards, either an intensive replenishing cream or moisturising body lotion is massaged in based on your choice or the skin's properties.
Duration: 85 minutes EUR 95.00

Thalasso follow-up treatment

Long-lasting intensive moisture
We recommend Thalasso follow-up treatments to intensify the purification and toning of your body.

  • Sea water bath
  • Algae wrap
  • Body care
Duration: 55 minutes EUR 70.00

Prelude Marin

Anti-inflammatory and relaxing
The body wrap with warmed up pure sea mud from the depths of the Dead Sea is relaxing, firms skin, stimulates circulation and can also be used with susceptibility to allergies and skin problems.

Duration: 60 minutes EUR 75.00

Performance Figure Care treatment

A perfecting treatment for a well-shaped figure
Intensive treatment from the range of body treatments for a naturally perfect figure. An active oxygen wrap stimulates, two highly effective concentrates firm and together with the perfect sculpt massage ensure long-lasting results.

Duration: 60 minutes EUR 79.00
Duration: 90 minutes EUR 105.00, including body peeling

Frigi Thalgo

Cooling algae wrap for light legs
Feel the freshness of the sea. Cool wraps soaked in an algae, camphor and menthol solution firm connective tissue and can also have a reducing effect on cellulite and saddlebags. Tired heavy legs are energised.

Duration: 40 minutes EUR 55.00

Cello-Therm cellulite treatment using deep heat – TRS!

Body firming and fat reducing through intensive thermal treatmentThis intensive treatment starts with your problem zones being measured and you being weighed. By applying a special cellulite gel from Thalgo, the fat cells start to melt and the muscles and nerves are perfectly relaxed.

Wrapped in rubber mats it is then given time to penetrate down into the tissue to approximately 2 cm at a pleasant heat (40° C). You will perspire lightly.

The results of these body treatments

  • Targeted weight loss and slimming down in specific problem zones
  • Improved metabolism and therefore purification
  • Firmer skin and therefore reduced cellulite
  • Increased wellbeing with energising effect
  • Relaxation with muscle cramps
  • Improved quality sleep – less sleep disturbances and nervousness
Single treatmentEUR 75.00
3 body treatmentsEUR 202.00
6 body treatmentsEUR 405.00
Duration: 60 minutes each

These body treatments are very effective, even with just a few sessions. Our specialist beauty therapist can recommend products to you for treatment at home. The special products are available from our spa shop.

Single treatment EUR 75.00
3 body treatments EUR 202.00
6 body treatments EUR 405.00
Duration: 60 minutes each



With the Ortho-Bionomy body treatments signals are picked up on and blockages are identified with a great deal of sensi-tivity. Nothing is forced. The body is relieved of tension and balanced using gentle touch and select holding positions. Restoring original balance.    

Ortho-Bionomy achieves outstanding results above all with tension as well as dizziness and migraines. However, the body treatments are also exceptionally good for reducing stress and increasing physical and mental performance. Psy-chosomatic illnesses can also be very well treated using Ortho-Bionomy. In the practical field it also helps with back problems, postoperative problems, central nervous system disorders and can also positively influence the effects of falls and accidents.

Lasting effects are achieved by the targeted support of self-healing processes.

Defereggen healing water is a miracle cure from nature and helps among other things with skin diseases, rheumatism and respiratory tract diseases.

Duration: 30 minutes EUR 39.00
Duration: 40 minutes EUR 49.00

Full body wrap: Defereggen healing spring water and Tyrolean oil shale

Localised heat treatment in the soft pack couch for the treatment of chronic rheumatism or degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system such as chronic polyarthritis, arthrosis, Bekhterev's disease, chronic degenerating spine dis-eases, chronic muscle tension and the follow-up treatment of accident and sports injuries to the musculoskeletal system.

Duration: 40 minutes EUR 62.00

Are you impressed by our products? Then purchase them from our spa shop. Our beauty staff will be happy to advise you!

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