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A spa bath of feelings

Relaxing and energising baths

A velvety soft feel-good factor is what you experience with a spa bath at the Jesacherhof. You chill out and regenerate thanks to the soothing warmth and excellent quality essences in a totally quiet and atmospheric setting. A bathing expe-rience in a class of its own!

Our water baths

Jesacherhof Kaiserbadl

Time for a cosy twosome
Enjoy a fragrant herbal bath with your loved one. A bottle of sparkling wine and fresh fruit sweeten the moment! Your skin is then pampered with a mixture of high quality oils. Chilling out afterwards in a rustic cuddling bed perfects your wellbeing programme.

Duration: 50 minutes EUR 65.00 (2 people)

East Tyrolean Swiss stone pine bath

Live with verve, sleep soundly
A relaxing bath with natural essential Swiss pine oils will make your spirit come to rest and relax deeply. Swiss pine is known to be calming, relaxing and relieving for the circulation.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00 (1 person)
Duration: 20 minutes EUR 56.00 (2 people)

Lemon balm bath

Find peace
A relaxing bath with natural essential lemon balm oil for relaxing moments. Lemon balm relieves symptoms of exhaustion and nervousness. The spa bath is particularly beneficial and restores the balance of your body and soul. It also promotes a relaxing sleep.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00 (1 person)
Duration: 20 minutes Eur 56.00 (2 people)

Tyrolean energy bath

Reinvigorating and regenerating
A spa bath for when you have a cold. To regenerate and reinvigorate you body and soul, in particular when you think you are coming down with a cold. The mineral naphtha energy bath is distinguished by a special composition of high quality oils – pine needle, eucalyptus, thyme and lavender oil.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00 (1 person)
Duration: 20 minutes EUR 56.00 (2 people)

Tyrolean mineral naphtha bath

Goodbye aching muscles
Beneficial with joint pain and rheumatic complaints. The spa bath promotes general wellbeing, reinvigorates the skin's circulation and regenerates the tired muscles. Aching muscles and strains are cured and cartilage is demonstrably nour-ished. Mineral naphtha is proven to have healing and pain killing properties thanks to its very high sulphur content.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00 (1 person)
Duration: 20 minutes EUR 56.00 (2 people)

Sea water bath from Thalgo

The spa bath for detoxifying
Regenerating bath for detoxifying and firming your connective tissue. Before your bath we massage in a Plasmalg gel from Thalgo to open up the pores. The sea water bath is particularly recommended with skin problems such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Duration: 20 minutes EUR 34.00 (1 person)
Duration: 20 minutes EUR 56.00 (2 people)

Defereggen health healing spring water bath

Feel the energising effect
The thermal spring in St. Jakob in Defereggen is a very old healing spring that is unique in the Alpine region – pure, fossil and highly mineralised water from a depth of 1,850 metres. The energising effect of the sodium chloride brine thermal spring that contains iodine is unique in Europe.    

  • The spa bath helps with skin diseases such as neurodermatitis.
  • The spa bath helps with orthopaedic diseases such as joint problems.
  • The spa path boosts the accumulation of red blood cells.
  • The spa bath increases blood flow to the skin.
  • The spa bath has a balancing effect on the whole vegetative nervous system.
Duration: 20 minutes
Single treatment EUR 48.00
3 treatments EUR 130.00
5 treatments EUR 216.00
10 treatments EUR 432.00

Defereggen alpine hay bath

Glorious fragrance and relaxing warmth

Hay from the high alpine region is a natural mixture of herbs. Symptoms of stress and tense muscles are relieved by these body treatments, your metabolism is activated and body is purified. Good news for people who suffer from allergies: the water can bind pollen in the hay.

Duration: 25 minutes EUR 42.00
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