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Eating healthily at the Alpine Hotel

Cuisine in a class of its own

Eating healthily, without having to compromise on taste, is easy thanks to the multi award-winning cuisine at the Jesacherhof. It is very important to us to cook healthily and at the same time accentuate the flavours of Austrian cuisine with sophistication For this we do not use any flavour enhancers like glutamate at all and only use pure natural Himalayan salt for our food.

Cooking is a vocation to our chef Gerald Huber. He knows the ingredients that he uses, he understands how to combine them and as a nutritionist he knows what effect each single ingredient has. As a result, you can be sure that eating healthily is not an empty promise at the Jesacherhof Alpine Hotel.

Naturally, we also take your allergies and food intolerances into account and will prepare lactose-free dishes for you or offer gluten-free cuisine. The Jesacherhof hotel also meets the needs of vegetarians.

Gerald Huber has also completed training in 5 elements cooking. Every day, with his superb team, he cooks professionally and conjures up the proof that eating healthily is anything but boring and tasteless.